Reservation of three nodes (120 cores)

Reservation of three nodes (120 cores)


Node reservation #

Start End Queue Nodes Total cores User
09:00 21:00 normal 3 120 Reservation name climate_day: blagodatskikh, chernenkov, onoprienko, tarasevich, tsybulin, volodin
21:00 09:00 normal 3 120 Reservation name climate_night: blagodatskikh, chernenkov, onoprienko, tarasevich, volodin
Number of nodes was increased to three.

Details #

Three idle nodes (120 cores) will be reserved for INM RAS climate model testing from September 20 till October 30, 2022. The reservation climate_day from 9:00 till 21:00 will be used for short test runs (max 1 node, max 40 cpus, max 1 hour), the reservation climate_night from 21:00 till 9:00 will be used for longer jobs.

The users can add extra option --reservation=climate_day or --reservation=climate_night to Slurm commands in order to run tasks on a reserved node during reservation hours:

sbatch --reservation=climate_day ...